Go Green! Project

goo greeeeen!

Because the global climate is a connected system climate change impacts are felt everywhere. Among the most important climate change impacts are:

  • Rising Sea Levels
  • Melting Ice
  • Torrential downpours and more powerful storms
  • Heatwaves and droughts 
  • Changing ecosystems
  • Reduced food security
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Ocean acidification

Managing climate change difficulties arise from two, related reasons: climate change management is viewed as expensive and it poses what we call a collective action problem. Also, managing the change would take a lot of years. 

What more can we do to manage climate change? 

The only thing to do is to reduce the amount of atmospheric carbon and that may be difficult because there is too much carbon in the atmosphere and existing technology – cars, factories, airplanes, ships, buildings – will continue to emit huge amounts more into the foreseeable future.

One of the practical ways to combat climate change is to plant more trees in order to take more carbon out of the atmosphere (as long as the trees are planted in the right place). Trees store carbon while they are growing, trees use sunlight to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and store it as carbon in the form of wood. 

In line with this, JuanGear not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, enjoy the great outdoors but also in our own little way, reduce (may it just be in a little amount) the impact of climate change. Thus, for every item that you purchase at JuanGear, you'll be planting 1 tree. This means that for every purchase, an amount will be allocated for our Go Green Project. JuanGear will be working together with other outdoor groups to make this possible. Activities will be announced on our FB page and website.