Why join a marathon event?

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Why join a marathon event?

why join a marathon event

A marathon is a long-distance running race which has been increasingly participated by people each year. Since it requires endurance to survive the challenge, there are pre-trainings that one must perform before joining.

Whether you’re new to running or have been running around for so long, have you ever wonder what benefits will you be getting from joining a marathon and why register to one?Here are some reasons as to what it is to you when you join a marathon.

Here are some reasons as to what it is to you when you join a marathon.

1. Get Fit

Having a long consistent run will help you build greater endurance and maintain a healthy weight and fitness level. It can strengthen your muscles, make your heart stronger and improve circulation.

2. Mental benefits

Running a marathon is not limited to physical benefits only. It also gives benefits to your mental health. It is known to reduces stress, decreases symptoms of depression, and alleviates anxiety. It improves your learning abilities, sharpens your memory, helps you sleep better.

3. Promote endowment to charity and fund raising

This kind of events is mostly hosted by non-profit organizations to raise money and donate to their selected charities. If you join such event, you have the opportunity to help others and give and contribute something to the community.

4. Stepping out from your comfort zone

Everyone has its own comfort zone. Some wanted to be left alone while others prefer hanging with other people around. But how about doing fitness activities? People might usually get awkward especially beginners to do some lapses within their area. Joining a marathon will motivate and obliged you to do the activity which will then set as your starting point until it’ll grow on you and get comfortable in doing it.

5. Meeting new friends

A marathon is usually participated with people not just within your neighborhood but also around the city or even miles away from your place. It is also a running community which is open and diverse. It is certain that many marathoners are welcoming new comers with open arms.

6. The sense of accomplishment

Finishing a marathon is more likely a big accomplishment to all marathoners. Receiving rewards are greatly appreciated by everyone since it is really not easy to finish such event. Most participants even say that finishing an event is harder than they thought it could be.

7. Inspire others

Aside from inspiring and motivating yourself from doing a challenging event, you can also be a role model to those who are interested in participating the event. Many thought it was really a tough activity to do so but hey, everything we do, it will always be a “no pain, no gain” challenge right?




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