#WeekEndGetAway: Mt. Salumayagon hiking adventure

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#WeekEndGetAway: Mt. Salumayagon hiking adventure

#WeekEndGetAway: Mt. Salumayagon hiking adventure

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity all over the world and set as a hobby for sports enthusiasts. It mostly involves proper training before the actual hiking. This outdoor activity, enjoying the fresh air and mountains is a part of mountaineering, which consists of walking, trekking, and climbing mountains.

Mt. Sumalayagon is located at Barangay Tula, Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It is considered as a beginner’s trail. From barangay Tula covered court, it will take you 3-4 hours of trekking using the shorter trail. When you take the longer trail, it will take you 4-5 hours.

Longer trail is quite simpler and less painful compared to the shorter trail since it is not that steep and has a plain trail in between steep trails. The shorter trail is said to be painful since it is more of a steep trail.

The longer trail consists of switchbacks that would surely test the strength of your lower body especially your calf muscle. You'll pass through a cornfield, a closed trail, and another switchback but this time with a magnificent 360 view of the hills and slopes that surrounds the mountain. Before getting to a close trail and reaching the campsite, you'll get to an open field where you will find a cliff that will showcase a wonderful view of the other side of the mountain. 

Meanwhile, the shorter trail which basically taking the opposite route of the usual trail to Lake Danao consists of muddy descent and ascent trail and passing through a brook. 60 degrees inclined to go to short switchbacks and a cornfield. A steep climb getting to a closed trail and finally reach an open view deck where you can take a breather, snap a photo and be in awe of the beauty of nature. As you get to a close trail will slippery ground, you are almost at the campsite with a small bunkhouse where you can cook or even set up a hammock for a good night sleep. There's a designated area for pitching a tent for the rest of the campers.

Photo taken by Hannah Deloy @ Mt. Salumayagon 001

Sunrise around 5:30 in the morning

Photo taken by Hannah Deloy @ Mt. Salumayagon 002

Before sunrise around 5:00 am

Photo taken by Hannah Deloy @ Mt. Salumayagon 003

Lake Danao

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