My top hits while working out at home

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My top hits while working out at home

For more than a month already, I've been working out at home following an application. I know it's really great to workout, jog, run or train with a company of music. Music can actually influence your rhythm while you work out. 

People have a different choice of music and prefer different genres. I usually like to work out at a slow pace cause I want to feel each exercise more if I follow it at a slower pace. But it also depends on my mood, sometimes I prefer a fast beat music.  With that, here are the tunes that I would love to listen to while working out:

1. This Love - Maroon 5

If you listen closely to the beat of the music, it actually has a constant beat that you can work with.

2. Tadhana - Up Dharma Down

Same with "This Love" of Maroon 5, this too has a constant beat that I love. 

3. Dying Inside - Darren Espanto

I can't stop myself singing along while I listen to this song. And I tend to match its beat while working out.

4. Mama - Jonas Blue 

The beat makes me want to dance and workout.

5. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Who can stop themselves from moving around while listening to this?

6. Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes

Can't you hear that beat? 

7. What lovers do - Maroon 5

I just love Maroon 5

8. Havana - Camila Cabello

Who can't move with this beat on? 

9. Don't wanna Know - Maroon 5

Adding another Maroon 5 to my list.

I think those are just my first 9 tunes I listen to while working out. Can you hear the pattern? If I go on, it may consume a lot of space and time. 

How about you? Care to share your most listened music while working out? Comment now! 

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