Learning bicycle at 30's: Too late or Not?

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Learning bicycle at 30's: Too late or Not?

Learning how to bike at 30's

Whenever I was in a conversation about a bicycle, people were surprised when I told them that I didn’t know how to balance and pedal a bicycle and I’m already in my 30’s.

Riding a bicycle is one of the child’s dream.

When I was a kid, I really wanted to have a bicycle that has a balancer but my parents could not afford one. I tried to use our neighbor’s bike but I was wounded while practicing. I gave up already. Since then, a bicycle was only a dream.

I’ve got lots of friends who are into cycling. Every weekend they go to different trails for cycling. I was glad that I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle because I was thinking that this hobby was expensive. My fear always came first. I didn’t have the confidence, or should I say I didn’t trust myself. It was like you’re afraid to go out from your comfort zone.

Just when I was about to lose hope, the opportunity came.  Our company has a Wellness program and one of the benefits is to avail a bicycle at a discounted price. My dream awakened. My friends were also very supportive. I got my own mountain bike and named her Chasya.

I tried learning cycling with Chasya. I even watched YouTube videos about learning how to ride a bicycle when you’re an adult. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well.  It’s difficult to balance with Chasya because I could not adjust the seatpost at the lowest level.

On my birthday, I got a gift and it’s a smaller bike. It’s so perfect for my learning. 

The journey begins.


I looked for an area where I can start learning and do gliding to practice on how to balance.


I had my gears ready, the gloves to avoid blisters and to have a proper grip, and also comfortable shoes. It’s necessary to have a helmet too for optimal safety measure.


I adjusted the seat so that I could sit on the saddle with my feet flat on the ground. Without using the pedal yet, I moved the bike with my feet by walking and practiced on how to use the brake.

After 20 minutes, I started gliding and scooting the bike and lifting my feet off the ground. Focusing my vision ahead also helped with my balancing. If I get out of balanced, I just need to put down my feet.


When I learned to balance, I asked my boyfriend to hold the saddle to assist me with the pedal. I set the right pedal at 2 o’clock position and then the left foot on the ground then start to pedal. As soon as I was able to balance properly, my boyfriend then released the saddle. Then I was able to pedal faster and viola! I WAS CYCLING!

Indeed, it’s never too late to achieve your dream.  At any age, you can start learning when you have the passion and determination to do what you love. When you have support from your friends, learning becomes more fun.


- Analyn

Community Manager

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