Group workout or doing it alone?

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Group workout or doing it alone?

group workout or doing it alone?

Many of us want to have a healthy daily lifestyle and the first thing we have in mind is to do some regular workout and fitness activities. As we get started into it, we asked ourselves if we wanted to do some workouts alone or will it be great to join or invite some of our friends to have a group workout. Which one will give you more benefits? A group workout or doing it alone? Let’s find out the pros and cons of this two different workout environment.

Group Workout


  1. Exposure to a social and fun environment which avoid boredom
  2. Accountability factor of performing or participating in exercise
  3. Sharing knowledge about effective and safety exercise programming
  4. Consistent exercise schedule
  5. Overcome time constraints


  1. Lack of individual programming
  2. Group controls the exercise
  3. Overtraining potential

Individual Workout


  1. Less Distractions and less intimidating
  2. Not being holding up to anyone else and you can spend some “Me Time” for self de-stressing
  3. Can decide on when, where and how much you want to do
  4. Can tailor the workout to what your body needs
  5. Individual programming is an advantage


  1. Higher chance of boredom which leads to quitting
  2. Lack of social encouragement and motivation

So, as you checked out some pros and cons of those two different workout environment, which one do you prefer? Working out alone where you can take your time, decide on what to do, where to do it and most specially, when to do it? Or working out with a group where you can have social and fun environment and knowledge sharing while hanging out with them?

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