Getting started with a healthy lifestyle

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Getting started with a healthy lifestyle

getting started

"To keep the body in good health is a duty." - Buddha. I definitely agree it is indeed a responsibility for us to uphold. It may not be easy to maintain our body fit and healthy but as the old saying goes "health is wealth" right? We may say personality is more important than beauty, thus, we can never deny the fact that appearance is still a big deal to everyone. But take note that getting a good appearance means getting yourself fit and healthy.

Let say that we used to slack off after school, work or perhaps right after you have your meal and then one day you look yourself in the mirror and think "Is my body alright? Is it doing well? Is it healthy? Does it look good?" and a lot more self-questioning.

Isn't it also a fact that sometimes we look on social media, campaign ads or television and saw others whose body are fit, curvy or those who even have well-toned abs? And then you start thinking of maybe you can also have those wow bods. But how? Well, why not start with the words self-encouragement and the willingness to achieve those body goals? But of course, it would be too harsh of me to say to you to have those wow bods. All I want to point out is that why not start getting fit for yourself and live a healthy life with a healthy body.

Now, you're figuring out how will you get started. You woke up and then says "Today is going to be a healthy living body goals day!". Well then wow! Congratulations! That's one step for you to get going!

Here's the question list for you to get started:

  1. Should I ask a friend to join me sign up for a gym membership? (You don't want to be alone, do you?)
  2. Should I start asking for a nutritionist for my food diet and intake? (That my friend will cost you some. Why not try opening a web browser and help yourself out through research? If you can't, a nutritionist can definitely help you)
  3. What kind of exercises should I do? (You can try first a lightweight exercise for you to get started. Don't abrupt, you might get hurt instead of getting yourself fit)
  4. What's my routine? Should I take a walk? Run? For how long? What days? What time? (If you want to be organized or be reminded, why not use your phone or any other gadgets that could help you with your fitness routine schedule)

Those guide questions above are only some suggestions I got in mind. Perhaps, you may have your own health and fitness ideas on your own and try getting started with it. Taking good care of our health and body is also taking good care of our mind. Don't pressure yourself into getting a wow bod instead, get yourself a healthy body. One step at a time and you will surely get there!

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