Excited on your first trek and camping?

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Excited on your first trek and camping?

first trek on camping

After a whole day hike, we all wanted to relax our tired muscles, have a comfortable sleep in the middle of the forest or at the peak of the mountain, and ready ourselves for the next day hike.

What are the essentials that you need to carry on for a good night sleep?

Here's our checklist:


The tent serves as your bedroom. It is best that the tent is also waterproof. You don't want to get wet when it's raining in the middle of the night.

If your tent is not waterproof, you can purchase a tarp and make it as a rainfly. It should be large enough to cover your tent.


The sleeping pad is your bed in your tent. This will also provide insulation at night. Alternatively, you can use a Yoga Mat or Insulator Pad as your sleeping pad.


This is your blanket to keep you warm in the cold night. Consider also wearing socks, gloves, and bonnet.


It is a thin piece of Mylar film that can be used in emergencies to reduce heat loss in a person's body.

When you wake up in the morning, enjoy your cup of coffee or tea while feeling the breeze of fresh air and the beauty that nature offers you.

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Happy Trekking!

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  • YUKTI Agrawal

    I never stayed in camp but I would love to do it. One day hopefully I would trek and camp in a forest to smell the earth.

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