A traveler’s themed gifts for this holiday season

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A traveler’s themed gifts for this holiday season

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In this season of fun, love, joy, and gift-giving, we all keep thinking about whom we want to give a present to and what to give them, right? What gifts will they be happy to have? What kind of things do they want to receive?

We people happens to be so thoughtful in this kind of season. The free hugs, free kisses, free laughter to share for each other and more frees and everything! That’s why everybody loves Christmas (or not literally everybody but I’m going to say it’s for everybody!), Holiday or whatever it is that you call the season this month of December celebrates. All we know is that we get to unite and enjoy the spirit of this season.

Moreover, in this article, I’m going to give you some tips on what possible holiday gifts your families and friends want to receive that you can buy from the places you are going to visit this season.

I have organized a few lists of a traveler’s themed holiday gift ideas for you.

Food-gasm themed gifts

Food – everyone loves foods, who doesn’t? You may think first about what favorite food your family or friends like but why not think outside the box? One of the greatest pleasures of this season is you get to travel and have a vacation.

Obviously, you can buy them a local food specialty of the place you were visiting. But how about you buy them something that you think this person your going to give it to hasn’t eaten it yet? Isn’t it thoughtful? Well, cross-finger on that, since its kinda experimental they might or might not like the new food you gave them. But it’s the thought that always counts right?

The next thing about food-themed gifts is that you can cook them something that can only originally be bought from the place you were visiting and be creative about it like a DIY food-gasm creation! It would be an A for an effort for you! High five to that!

Drink-to-that themed gifts

There are also this family and friends of ours who loves to drink. Not just hard liquor but also coffee, milk, tea, lemonade, soda, beer, and any other beverages they would love to have first thing in the morning or something they want to drink at the end of the day or before they sleep or even in the middle of the day.

You bring some for them on that local you have visited. You don’t have to bring a bunch of it. Just a sampler for them to have a little taste. It would be lovely to have a new unfamiliar brands of coffee to drink in the morning, isn’t it?

Bring-me-a-memento themed gifts

As we go and travel around, we loved to buy and bring souvenirs for us to objectively remember the places we’ve been at. Memento can also be lovely to bring and give it as a present to your love ones.

Examples are shirts, keychains, pins, refrigerator magnets, mugs, pillows, and so on and so forth (ref magnet has always been my favorite memento to buy). Yes, all those stuff are common but still thoughtful enough to bring for your love ones.

Aside from those mentioned souvenirs, you can also buy them an item that symbolizes that place you’ve visited. Especially if that person is a collector, they would much appreciate antiques and symbolic stuffs.

Artistic-scrap-stuff themed gifts

This kind of gifts are suitable for people who love arts, cutting papers, create scrapbooks, handcrafts, post-its and whatever creative related stuff. You can bring them hand crafts materials from that place. For sure, there would be crafts that symbolizes or prints of the place you’ve visited right?

You can also buy them vintage travel posters, travel calendar and any other stuff that they would love to begin creating into something wonderful.

Beautify-me themed gifts

When you travel around you may discover different beauty products that that country is regularly using. There will also be beauty products that you can only get or bought from that local place. This pampering-themed gifts would be awesome to give to your love ones especially girls!

It would be exciting to discover new kind of beauty regiments, but I also want you to take note that you must test it first before anything else. You might get skin allergies instead of pampering yourself with new beauty products, yaaaay! Not so good for this happy holiday season, right?

Sporty themed gifts

We all have this family and friends who are sporty, athletic, adventure loving person. You can bring them a selection of things that they could use when they go out and enjoy their outdoor activities.


And that’s it! You have your themed gifts ideas that you might want to get and give for your family and friends as you go travel around the world. Good luck and have a safe trip on your holiday travelling season gift-giving, fun-loving adventure!

Any more idea about a themed gift on your mind? Share it with us and comment down below!

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