A complete guide on how to get to Basehut, Mapawa CDO

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A complete guide on how to get to Basehut, Mapawa CDO

Sleep-woke up-eat-school-home, vice-versa or sleep-woke up-eat-work-home and vice-versa.

Is that how your daily life routine recently? Have your ever think of going out, camping, going to beach, have fun with some of your friends or in other words, do you want to distress?

You don’t work out or even do a little bit of exercises daily but still, you want to have something like a nature-adventure kind of distressing. Well, good thing! Mapawa Basehut is just right here in Cagayan de Oro City, the City of Golden Friendship, waiting for you to be visited.


No need to have a thorough pre-exercises for you to get there. You just need something you could eat and drink to hydrate yourself. No need for a heavy backpacking since you could hike it in just less than an hour. Sounds good or even great right?


If its your first time to go there, I would recommend you to bring someone that already know the route because there are trails that would possibly confused first timers.

How to get there?

  1. If you’re in CDO downtown, you could ride a jeep that will go to Cugman. (Fare - 12php)
  2. Drop at Malasag Crossing.
  3. Ride a habal-habal motorcycle. It will cost you a 25.00 php for fare.
  4. The habal-habal driver will drop you at the Mapawa Nature Park gate.
  5. Before you could enter through the gate, you will be asked to sign the log book. There will be a 70 pesos entrance fee if you go to the Mapawa Nature Park property but if you are only going to the Mapawa Basehut you don’t have to pay anything.
  6. After logging in, you can start your trek and enjoy the beauty of mother nature!

Going to Mapawa Basehut is cheap. It will only cost you a maximum of 150 pesos.

What to bring?

  1. Backpack
  2. Snack or/and lunch
  3. Water
  4. Hammock
  5. Extra shirt

What to wear?

  1. Trek short or Trek pants
  2. Comfortable shoes or slippers with strap
  3. Arm sleeves
  4. Shirt
  5. Headwear

Here's a glimpse for you to see on our way to Mapawa Basehut


I, myself, as a working girl had experienced so many stresses and hardships in life. But seeing how beautiful the world is makes me realize that life is worth living after all.

Also, as an adventurer, I would like to remind everyone to always keep an LNT or Leave No Trace attitude whenever you visit this breathtaking place. We wouldn’t want to keep on destroying this beautiful place, right? Let’s share it to the future generation to see and wonder too.


  • Estella

    Thank you for this post. Very helpful. would love to visit this place.

  • Hannah

    ing-ani on d i pag adtos mapawa base hut… :D

  • Subhradeep

    Nice post. Very informative!

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